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The "Bush" refers to some regions of the state that is merely not accessible to the North American road network or do not have ready connection to the state's ferry system. A big portion of Alaska Native residents live in the Bush. It includes the Alaska North Slope, Northwest Arctic, and West. As well as the Baldwin and Seward Peninsulas, Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Southwest Alaska; Bristol Bay, Alaska Peninsula, and distant areas of the Alaska Panhandle and Interior. To get more detailed information of this interesting and diverse region, go to Bush.AlaskaYellowpages.com.


The Bush applies to these secluded areas and extends over 2/3 of Alaska, where caribou outnumber people and during summer season, the sun really does shine at midnight. In addition, at the state's Far North, the sun is visible nonstop in the sky for a several weeks in June and July and then fades altogether for several weeks in winter.

After you experience the Bush, this region is more of a lifestyle than a location, as it gives a whole new meaning to the term "roughing it". The people who live in the region’s distinct towns and villages understand that there’s no accessible transportation available at any time.

The native people that mostly live in the entire region depend on fish, sea otters, seals, and whales for subsistence. In this Far North area, the traditions are ruled by Iñupiat values and language that strengthens their lifestyle and boosts their well-being in the community. Their livelihood activities remain an essential part of the lifestyle.

Economy of Bush Alaska

The economy of the region mainly relies on resource extraction, subsistence, and government spending. The region’s primary economic bases are subsistence hunting and fishing. Additionally, oil and gas exploration, transportation services, mineral exploration and development are vital for the economy. You can find these businesses in Bush.AlaskaYellowpages.com.


The Bush is more or less any place in mainland Alaska that can't be reached by road. The Southwest part of the Bush, the Yukon Delta region, and Bethel down to the Shelikof Strait, are the favored places for the sports enthusiasts and for those who like to hunt in the wilderness. The Aleutian, Pribilof Islands and the Alaska Peninsula entice bird lovers and history buffs. A chance to see the beauty of the tundra or experience the full splendor of the midnight sun are mostly the reason why travelers go to the Far North. You find these splendid places to visit in Bush.AlaskaYellowpages.com.

Each region in the Bush has its own distinctive climate, people, scenery, and activities. Grizzly viewing and birding are popular activities in Kodiak and Katmai. Nome is not only an excellent place for gold-rush history, but also for its abundant wildlife and bird-watching in summer, with pristine rivers for thrilling adventures. The distinct Alaskan culture is dynamic all over the Bush, created by the people who live in this remote, abundant and welcoming region. Exciting opportunities can found in Bush.AlaskaYellowpages.com.

Best Things to Do in Bush Alaska

You can still pan for gold right on the beach before dining on a fresh king crab feast in Nome, located on the Bering Sea. The Gold Rush town also has a rich dog sledding history tradition as the end of the Iditarod Trail. The national parks in Alaska’s Southwest, Lake Clark National Park and Katmai National Park, are both famous for fishing and bear viewing. Find these amazing spots in Bush.AlaskaYellowpages.com.

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